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Summer Internship with Kent State University Fashion Merchandising Student

My name is Giovonna Fulena, and I am a KSU Fashion Merchandising student doing my summer internship at Diane’s Boutique. Just last fall, I spent a semester studying in one of the fashion capitals of the world, NYC! While there, I was fortunate enough, to gain an internship with a showroom that taught me so much about that end of the industry.  I am so excited to expand my knowledge here at Diane’s Boutique. I have been interning here for about a month and have already learned so much!

Over the course of the month I have been able to act as a buyer with several different reps from lines such as, Accessorizeit and Frank Lyman. One rep pulled right up to the boutique in his HUGE van packed with a couple different lines! It was an easy and organized way to buy and sell.

Just last week, Diane took me to a buyers market in Pittsburgh, I was thrilled to be able to act as a buyer and see how that aspect of the industry works. I was even able to act as Diane’s personal barbie doll so she could get a better idea of what the clothes looked like on a body. At the buyers market I was able to get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes with the pricing and payments. A buyers market is definetly a great place to network! A few companies passed on their business cards for me to pass on to my classmates for possible internships.

Visuals and creating presentations have been my favorite part of the fashion industry, thus far, and I have had a few opportunities to work with that. I have been creating coupons and sending out emails notifying customers of the new summer merchadise!

To me, the fashion industry is ever changing and there is always something new to learn and experience, so I am extremely excited to learn more about the ever changing fashion industry.  Over the past month I have learned so much from two very experienced woman in the fashion industry and I am exciting to continue to expand my knowledge of the fashion industry at Diane’s Boutique!

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